Lonk's Adventure :: 朗克历险记

Lonk's Adventure

开发: Pixelatto
发行: Pixelatto



One adventure with 100 different endings

In Lonk's Adventure you play as Lonk, a wannabe hero who is supposed to do hero-ish things but sometimes flips off and does crazy stuff instead.

You play in a "choose your own adventure" fashion, meaning that you can do whatever you want, and every action will have an impact and a different outcome. You can get up to 100 different endings depending on your choices and interactions with the world and its characters.

You can finish the game in seconds or hours depending on the goals you set for yourself.


- Choose your own adventure: discover secret paths, interactions and items. Find all the 100 different ways to complete the game. You don't have to attack your enemies, you don't have to save your friends. You can do whatever you want.

- A branching world to explore: the world is always the same, but will change you into a different player every time. The knowledge you gain in every run makes the next one completely different.

- More gear than you can carry: more than 10 unique items granting you special powers and abilities but, with great power comes great... consequences...

- Cute purple minions: the Dark Lord's servants are lethal, cute and ridiculously fun to kill in large amounts.

- Mysterious past: charismatic NPCs with a hidden past to uncover. Glue the pieces together unlocking the endings and through enviromental storytelling.

- Nostagic 8-bit-ish retro soundtrack by Dani Parejo: every area of the game has it's own graphical & musical mood.

- Low budget graphics: simple-yet-lovely-yet-chunky pixel graphics and animations. We rotate and scale a pixel here and there, just to annoy some some pixel artist friends out there.

- In-game developers: don't like the game? No need to refund! Just look for our avatars inside the game and give us a good stab. We've coded it so it hurts us in real life. True story.


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