Ravensgard Arena :: Ravensgard 竞技场

Ravensgard Arena
Ravensgard 竞技场

开发: Ravensgard Team
发行: Ravensgard Team



In Ravensgard Arena you play the role of a fearless gladiator who has to make his way to freedom. There are plenty of enemies waiting for you to become stronger and stronger, side-by-side tasks and mini-games, pub entertainment and shopping for new equipment.


20+ Unique duels with opponents in the arena
Original soundtrack
Pixel graphics
Side quests
Enhancing the hero


Old king Ollfeluss ruled his people from Poreskoro. He brought immense wealth and glory and was beloved by his people. With their help he made Poreskoro into a great city that went down in history of the Ravensgard continent.

But the king was old and needed someone that would follow in his footsteps and make sure the city would keep it’s glory.

He had two sons, Aarn and Aki to keep his legacy alive after his mortal life was to end. However, Aarn and Aki weren’t like their father.

The younger Aki used his inherited wealth to travel the world and spread the word of his father’s and Poreskoro’s greatness.

The older Aarn faced only hard work after his father died. He had to take care of his people and the city. However where his father carried calm and understanding, he carried fury and hatred towards his people for all the hard work he had to put forth in his father’s stead.

Aarn sold his lands and people to foreign lords and built an arena in Poreskoro. In that arena he amassed the greatest warriors from all over Ravensgard. And so the city of beauty and knowledge became the city of blood and death. And with the city changed the people, awaiting blood and willing to pay in order to see the death of great warriors.

King Aarn put forth an offer for anyone brave or stupid enough to enter the arena. Should a warrior dare the challenge and defeat all of the king’s champions, he would become the new king of Poreskoro. Many dared to face the challenge only to meet their death.

It’s at this time that the gates of Poreskoro greet you.


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