Skybox Painter 3D :: Skybox Painter 3D

Skybox Painter 3D
Skybox Painter 3D

开发: Toastar Virtual Entertainment
发行: Toastar Virtual Entertainment


Skybox Painter 3D is a painting editor to draw your own customizable Skyboxes with, which can be used for the creation of videogames and other 360 degree environments.

The output of the program are panoramic or 6 sided cubemap textures for skyboxes to use with any engine or skybox shader.

The program features the following tools:
- Brushes
- Lines
- Gradient tool for the background of your sky
- Customizable Random Generator for clouds and stars
- Athmosphere
- Sun with simple Light calculations
- Layers and Layermask
- Export of panoramic or cubemap textures
- Import of own brushes and textures for the tools
- Import of panoramic images

The project does not only contain a desktop version but also a VR version of the described tools implemented for the HTC Vive.

The program can only be used to paint static skies (cubemap and panoramic images). No animated or procedural contents can be created.


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