Sydney Hunter and the Curse of the Mayan :: 悉尼・亨特与玛雅的诅咒

Sydney Hunter and the Curse of the Mayan

开发: CollectorVision Games
发行: CollectorVision Games




The Maya calendar "Haab" nears the end of the great cycle, marking the start of Wayeb, five nameless days that are considered to be extremely unlucky.

During Wayeb, the Maya believe the world is vulnerable and defenseless. Fear fills the hearts of all civilization.

In this time of weakness, Kukulkan, the feared deity, descends to the ancient temple to stop the great cycle from starting anew, and unleashes Kinich Ahau who has given power to the other Maya gods.

Doomsday draws near. Unless a savior emerges to stop Kukulkan's desire to freeze time.


You play as Sydney Hunter, an explorer who happens to get trapped inside a Maya pyramid while he is out exploring the region.

He soon discovers that Kukulkan has broken up the important Haab calendar into seven separate pieces, and has hid them throughout the pyramid.

This has caused chaos, and time freezing if the Haab calendar isn't found and put back together in time. The local Maya ask Sydney to now go out and find all seven pieces of the Haab calendar, defeat Kukulkan, and bring peace and balance back to the Maya civilization, and in doing so restoring time to continue.


* 13 action action packed levels.
* Based on ancient Maya mythology
* 8-bit graphics and sounds
* Weapon upgrades
* Two different endings
* Ultra tight controls


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