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Fated Era
Fated Era

开发: Dogless Head Games
发行: Dogless Head Games



Train and customize hordes of troops to battle against the Crimson State. Direct your troops to liberate enemy bases and discover secrets along the way in a real-time strategy environment. Direct your troops strategically while they battle the enemy across varied battlegrounds. Preparation and strategy are key when trying to defeat the Crimson State.

Battles take place across procedurally generated levels ever increasing in size and complexity. Each time you play through the game, you'll have a new set of challenges to face. New games are very customizable with lots of difficulty settings as well as adjusting the size of the overworld and other options.

Units will grow in level as well as learn new abilities across eight classes for tons of customization options. Stats are determined by a character's specific growth, so it's up to you to decide which path to go down. Lots of weapons and armor to find or buy to equip your army in a way you see fit.

- Procedurally generated content means endless level variety.
- Tons of new game options allow you to customize the difficulty of the game exactly the way you want.
- 8 different classes with 8 unique abilities each.
- 50 different weapons to acquire.
- 74 pieces of armor and accessories to collect.
- Battle across procedurally generated worlds can that range from 9 levels to 176 levels, or 4 to 70+ hours of gameplay; you decide how long your adventure lasts!
- Music composed by Tommy Foley.

Controller highly recommended.


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