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「Everywhere」 is a new experience of 3D fault-finding game, beautiful scenes and melodious music, suitable for meditation anytime, anywhere ~

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    「Everywhere」 is a stream-of-consciousness game that focuses on finding the differences in the beautifully designed 3D scenes, both casual and educational. The slow-paced gameplay is suitable for taking out and playing anytime and anywhere.

    The scenes in the game are inspired by life, games, and movies, and the biggest difference with the classic 2D find the difference game is that you can experience the fun of discovery and exploration at higher latitudes, with improved zoom functions, plus a wide-angle perspective effect to make the environment richer. The process adds other features to the gameplay expecting players to get their hands on the experience, it's time to come together with your buddies to compare who has more eyesight ~~

    Game features.

        ✦ Fully enhanced 3D provides more angles and a more fun stubble hunting experience!

        ✦ Clean and simple low-polygon art style, simplifying the complexity into simplicity!

        ✦ Diverse gameplay that refuses to repeat the experience!

        ✦ A thousand different scenes and carefully crafted levels!

        ✦ A natural, lush audio-visual experience that relieves anxiety and immerses you in it!

        ✦ Play freely in landscape and portrait, and you can choose your own pose!

        ✦ Classic pass mode, and hidden elements for you to discover.

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