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A Recap of CH Parallax's First Week

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Critical Hit Parallax is hosted by TAG in collaboration with Indienova – China’s largest indie game portal.

​Critical Play Report: Frostpunk


Frostpunk successfully delivers an intriguing experience where “every decision comes with a cost”; however, some imperfect factors in the game undermine the experience: the lack of emergence gameplay in the weather and heating system and the ludonarrative dissonance in the discontent system.

Jason Li and Initory Studios


Although it's hard to survive only by making indie games, Jason Li and his studio found a way to satisfy themselves.

San Lang and His Documentary on Indie Games in China


​San Lang is a Chinese indie developer working on a documentary on indie games in China. Here is a interview with him.

Gao Ming And His Game Candleman


We met with Gao Ming, legendary game jam veteran and big name in the Chinese indie game industry. He is founder and CEO of Spotlightor Interactive, which created the game Candle.

AngerFore: Reloaded and Screambox Studio


​​​We met with Guo Xing, designer of Screambox Studios. We talked about being small-scale, the role of narrative in games, game marketing and much more.

Will: A Wonderful World and Its Creator Miaoyi Wang


​We met with Miaoyi Wang, the founder of 4D Door and the creative spirit behind the acclaimed indie hit Will: A Wonderful World. We discussed game development, influences, indie in China and much more!​

Global Game Jam 2018 in China


Situation of Global Game Jam 2018 and two games born in it are shown in this report. Check it out.

Talk to Boyu:Imagination, Reality and Exploring New Lands


Lin Boyu is an indie developer in China. Before To the Absurd Life, an ambitious survival project in the style of Don’t Starve with a biopunk theme, he and his team developed puzzle games for iOS, which often successfully won Apple recommendations.

Indienova goes to Sonkwo 5th anniversary Game Show in 798 Art Zone


Last weeks Ceasia held a Game Show for Sonkwos 5th anniversary, and this is the report of it.

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