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    KillZero Game
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    Role Playing
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    Turn Based Strategy
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    Windows / iOS / Android
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SUFFERING might be the most difficult turn-based indie game you've ever played…

It's a turn-based RPG with unusual designs such as zero mob, no gold, no levels and no companions…

Each boss has a special mechanic so that every boss fight is extremely unique experience

It emphasizes the importance of researching enemies, with a hardcore system and bold commands…

Detail information

SUFFERING is a 2D Souls-lite & Turn-based RPG. 

  • Between the human world and hell,  there exists a dark and chaotic world called the Room of Suffering. 
  • Thousands of years of bad deeds have created plenty of Misfortune, which is now everywhere in the mortal realm. 
  • Those who have been reached by Misfortune will meet untimely deaths and fall into the Room of Suffering.
  • Arriving at the Room of Suffering doesn't mean that they're dead, however. If the Unfortunate can defeat the Sinners that have been sealed  here, they will be able to find their way back.
  • It obsessed with building dark suffering experience, hardcore settings, unique mechanics.

Multi-mode play

  • Each reincarnation of SUFFERING will offer multiple play modes, including the currently open Story mode, Death Mode, and Challenge Mode, as well as the upcoming Nightmare mode.

Multiple reincarnation setting

  • SUFFERING breaks the "New Game+" and adds the "Multiple reincarnations" to the traditional turn-based mechanism. The biggest characteristics is that the next reincarnation doesn't have to face the same enemies, but a brand new group of stronger bosses altogether! That means you will encounter new powerful bosses in new reincarnations!

A unique 2D souls-lite turn-based suffering experience! 

  • Only by defeating the seven sinners imprisoned in the Room of Suffering can we uncover the truth sealed in the depths of the shadows.

Turn-based battle based on Enemy Attack First - EFTB System!

  • The order of action command is "enemy takes action first" by default. The only way to get ahead of the enemy is to use the preemptive action command.

Free to match your Weapon + Ability + Item commands!

  • Building a clear idea and match the best possible combination of weapons, abilities, and items for each battle against the powerful BOSS.

Kill each Sinner to gain the BOSS's most powerful Sinsoul!

  • While you kill the Sinners, you will gain the power of the Sinners, and you can use those terrible Sinsouls.

Overkill and Killing Time!  Reverse the situation!

  • Handle the rhythm to attack and break the enemy’s defence at right time. After the damage met Overkill damage will trigger the most critical mode of Killing Time. You can combine 3 commands to form a combined action, whether cure, attack or buff, it's up to your strategy to decide the best combo!

We hope to make and release more and more reincarnations!

  • These additional reincarnations will be free. As we still don't know if the core gameplay and expansion mechanics of the game suffering will be accepted by the public, we are not sure which reincarnation will be the final one. If you have any suggestions, feel free to tell us.

The Steam PC official version will be released in 2023. If you are a game publisher, feel free to contact us.

Game Features

  • SUFFERINGS is a highly challenging turn-based RPG game with repeatable challenges
  • Our idea is to combine the classic turn-based system of Chinese martial arts PC games with the horrible BOSS settings in the difficult soul game and try to add more interesting elements.
  • All enemies are BOSS, a total of 9 BOSS in the first round! Players need to find their own way to overcome!
  • The game will provide players with dozens of different weapons, dozens of different abilities, dozens of different props! There are also various special instructions, weapon techniques, hidden moves waiting for players to constantly unlock!
  • Each round of challenges can choose different weapons, items and abilities to combine and explore, and explore interesting choices: carry? Weapons +?items +? Ability = the feasibility of defeating a BOSS!

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