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    Third Person Shooter
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Detail information

Was Wasteland

     It is a survival game with an open world. In the game, the protagonists who are felonies are suddenly awakened from a prolonged dormancy in a deserted environment. They have to maintain their own survival, and gradually reveal the changes in the world and the direction of their own destiny.

Main gameplay

       The game player fights with crossbow. Under the premise of guaranteeing survival, the game player can conquer remaining automatic machinery in the wasteland world to gain technology and resources. The main experience of the game is to survive in the wild and to dive into the buildings and production areas of automatic machinery. The game gradually reveals the main line in the process of the players’ survival: how the world is destroyed, how the world wakes up and the current situation of the world, etc.


       This game emphasizes that the player spontaneously produces the purpose of the game in the open world. The player in the game world needs to think about how to use the simple skills to solve various complex problems. There is a real dynamic logic relationship in the game environment. When the different monsters are in the same area, it will cause the reasonable influence to the area, and the player will face an extremely rich environment.

       We developed a system similar to 《The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild》. Most objects in the game are interactive: trees grow in its own time, and they can be cut down and burned. After the rain, the wet thing can conduct electricity. Monster will go to find food when they are hungry. They will escape when they encounter threats. And they will migrate to other areas together with the ethnic groups and so on. All objects in the game world are connected by the bottom layer to form an automatic organic system. Players will explore their own ways to survive in this dynamic environment.

Current progress

      As seen in the video, most functions in the game have been completed. At present we are adding and perfecting the game levels and content, including strongholds of wildlife and automatic machine and ecological behavior.

Game Features

  • open world
  • hunt or banished
  • use your bow
  • steal technology
  • animal and robot

Game Videos

BFS system

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    Producer and artist
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    Programer and design
  • YangDong
    Game design
  • YeZiqing

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