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Taking a twist on the classic box pushers, this simple yet deceivingly challenging puzzler will push the limits of your imagination, as you control the blocks in unison through Contains over 150 patiently handcrafted levels and 50 additional challenge levels for those confident in their skills. Features the full use of 3D space, portals, colour changers, explosions, doors and sensors, and much more!

Detail information

Note: The mouse is still disabled in the current game. Use the keyboard for all controls.


In the menu:
Navigate using WASD or the Arrow keys
Space/Enter for selection
Up,Down for switching chapters
Esc, Backspace to go back/Exit

In game:
Move using WASD or Arrow keys
Q,E rotates the camera
Esc, Backspace to Exit
Press R to restart the level
Hold F to increase transparency on glass blocks

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Game Objective

To complete the levels, you must move all blocks into their corresponding destinations, with the correct color. When there are multiple blocks in one level, all blocks get moved at once with each move, but you can collide against walls and also other blocks to shift their relative positions.

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Notice that all blocks must be in the correct position to complete the level and that their relative position can be manipulated.


There are 5 Planned chapters and an additional special chapter, each introduces new concepts and mechanics, and containing around 30 unique levels each. Around 30% of levels will have a corresponding challenge level that can only be unlocked by completing the level within the step limit.

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Tutorial Levels

Within the chapters, there are important levels marked with a green name. These are the tutorial levels, which are needed to unlock the rest of the chapter and chapters beyond. When you complete them, all levels within that chapter and the next tutorial level are unlocked at once, however, it is still strongly recommended that you complete the levels in order, as the difficulty curve is fairly steep.

Note that you only need to complete a minimin of 50% of the current chapter to unlock the next chapter (does not include the challenge or special levels within that chapter), however, you must complete all tutorial levels in that chapter in order to unlock the next. There are completion % marked on the top right, the white is for normal levels, orange is for challenge levels, and blue is for special levels.

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The levels within the special chapter are not necessary for the unlock of others, and have a very large difficulty spectrum. They are unlocked through the progression of the normal level.
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Note that levels completed are dyed to the chapter's color, with your best step count marked on top, and the levels completed within the step limit are dyed into a deeper color.

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Game Mechanics

Beyond just moving the blocks around, you will also be presented with many other elements that you must work with in order to complete the level.

Chapter I

This chapter is the introduction and the only new block added is the death zone blocks, which are deadly to blocks on all sides (including blocks beside it). They are first introduced halfway into the chapter, on level The Floor is Lava.
Image titleChapter II

This chapter mainly introduces the full use of 3D height and transparent glasses. Blocks will fall with gravity, can be stacked together and move in unison, and glass can be made more transparent by holding the F key.
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Chapter III

This chapter introduces one-way portals, as well as color changers, which are introduced halfway through the chapter in level Hue Reversal. Blocks that enters the portal entry tile will get teleported to the exit with the corresponding color, however, it will get canceled if there is a block already at the exit. Note that the color of the portal does not mean a filter, it will teleport blocks of all types.

Blocks that enters the color changers will have their color switched to the color of the changer tile, regardless of their original color.

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Hints and Tips

As you progress further into the harder levels, you may find it beneficial to backtrack from the endpoints and work out the necessary steps to reach the final position or help you find the correct intermediate shapes/stat you need to look for.

Also, sometimes you're maybe stuck because you work down the wrong path and is now impossible to win, as sometimes there are multiple possible paths. Try backtracking from the endpoints or trace out future possibilities from the point of branching.

Game Features

  • 3D Puzzle
  • Easy to use
  • 150+ Levels
  • Blocks can be combined with each other

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