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"Homework is crazy" is a game that simulates Chinese primary school students doing math homework.

Detail information

One of the Chinese people's stereotype is good at math. Behind this phenomenon is the basic mathematics education that Chinese people value their children. This also leads to a large number of homework assignments, and parents need to spend a lot of time every night to supervise their children to complete homework.

Every Chinese child grew up in the baptism of these mathematical problems. Of course, not just afflicted children, parents accept the same test. Because some problems they can't answer too, even more difficult is how to let children understand these problems.

Helping children with homework has become a social issue, and many parents confided on the Internet about their experience of tutoring their children to write homework: parents who are amiable in life, become violent and irritable when they teach their children; more serious still cause high blood pressure; perform heart surgery and so on.

"Homework is crazy" is based on these phenomena. We specifically collected math problems that made parents crazy and their children cry. If you want to experience these "Chinese puzzles" and feel the mysterious mathematics from the East, this game will be the best choice.

(Remind you, the game may not be fun at all, it may bring you endless pain, I hope you can safe and healthy customs clearance game!)

Game features

Although the game borrows the creative ideas of “homework”, it still focuses on entertainment. All topics are carefully packaged by designers and programmers into a puzzle game style.

Every puzzle has different contents and different levels of difficulty. If you like reasoning, and very confident about your IQ, Each successful challenge will achieve great sense of accomplishment and satisfaction.

The game contains more than 200 puzzles. We have devoted a lot of effort and sleepless nights to this. At the same time in order to ensure correct results, but also the need for repeated testing.

Can be recommended to friends around, to watch the embarrassing look when he can't solve the problem.


Players need to unlock 200 math puzzles, the game does not have a time limit for answering questions, but if the delay is too long, parents will have various ridicules and verbal blows against you.

The game is divided into 6 types according to the operation mode, which are “fill in”, “connect”, “circle”, “click”, “drag”, “other”, and it is very simple to get started.

According to the difficulty is divided into four levels, you need to complete all the challenges in order of difficulty to continue. Need to complete the challenge according to the difficulty to continue the game.

At the beginning of each game, parents will have 10 patience values. When you make mistakes, change questions, and prompt actions, you will reduce your parents' patience. When it runs out, the game fails.

At the end of each challenge, there will be additional questions, and the correct answer will have a greater chance of clearance.

Art style

A simple, fresh, and colorful game screen that fits the subject of homework for primary school students.

Game operation

Click, drag, connect, draw lines with the mouse.

Some regular operations can be done through the shortcut keys on the keyboard.

Development progress

At present, the team size is small, everyone is working hard to develop, the latest development progress can pay attention to our official media account, please stay tuned!

Finally, contact us, and we are looking forward to your views and opinions, thanks!

Twitter: @sanjiaocat

WeChat: 18354288110


Game Features

  • Chinese education
  • Chinese mathematics
  • Puzzle game

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