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    David Niu
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    Real Time Strategy
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    About 9 dollars


After the global nuclear war, the ground has been completely polluted, and the torrential rain with radiation for several years seems to never stop.

Radiation seeped into the underground bunker along the groundwater. The underground was no longer suitable for living, and the people who stuck to it died in despair.

The decay heat brought by radioactive materials completely melted the polar glaciers, the sea level rose by nearly 100 meters, and three quarters of the earth's land was submerged.

Scientists speculate that the biological enrichment effect is not as serious as that under 2000 meters. It seems that the radiation effect is not as serious as that under 2000 meters.

With the rapid development of water pressure and sealing technology, new gathering points are developing rapidly. People occupy the whole ocean in order to obtain oxygen, energy and food for survival.

A new generation of children grew up. They had never seen land, but they remembered hatred.

There are three major forces, which can be called alliance, Empire and Legion.

Their origins have long gone with the ocean, and no accident, wars broke out with each other for reasons that have long been forgotten.

There are millions of soldiers driving steel to kill each other at the bottom of the sea, and their bones and rusty remains are buried in the abyss.

Detail information

The inspiration of art and world setting comes from the famous RTS game "Submarine Titans". It is planned to create a pure real-time strategy game with the temperament of RTS golden age from 95 to 2000, which serves old players and RTS lovers.

Arms and playing methods combine the strengths of many families, and provide various possible innovative playing methods at the same time.

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Current plans include:

The three unique forces that can be selected have different construction methods, scientific and technological research and development, construction arms and art settings.

Each faction has about 10-15 unique arms combat units with different skills; More than 10 unique buildings.

At present, it is developed as a very early version. First, build a large game framework, then make various functions, and finally debug.

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At present, it is developed by one person. I am a technical artist and have been employed for nearly 17 or 18 years. I belong to Lao Wanjin oil. However, when the development reaches a certain stage, we will find professional art and model friends to replace the art we made in the early stage, and we will also find professional network programs to complete the battle server part. However, the above are based on my financial resources (the epidemic has a great impact on my main business).

When there is no money at all, at least make all arms, art, special effects and man-machine AI of the three races, ensure that there is no problem in playing custom encounter and LAN online, and buy authorized music and sound effects.

A little money (that is, the current situation), make three races, 10 campaign tasks for each race, and use real-time cuts and characters to complete command release and plot promotion. It can complete the professional dubbing work of all arms and has original soundtrack music. At present, it is not a big problem for the time being.

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On the basis of having more development funds, we will produce 4-5 minutes of CG titles and about 2 minutes of ending animation for each race. It is estimated that if there is no external assistance, we will have to wait for the money to be sold back after the game is released.

Finally, the ideal situation: if there is a large development cost, I want to change all the CG characters in it to live performance, green screen shooting and CG animation, similar to command and conquest or red police. If each task needs to do the beginning and end of the film, the whole performance is estimated to be about an hour. Let's wait until we have money.

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In a word, this game is for old players like me. It's a pity that there has been no serious RTS game with new IP in the market for too long. Personally, I think there are still many people who want to play RTS, fighting and clearance Games, but now they all go to do MoBa or eat chicken, or competitive RTS games that ordinary players can't afford to climb up, and they are tired of playing (that is, you star). There is an RTS game that can be justified in all aspects. Fight battles, abuse computers, try all kinds of arms, and go back to the RTS golden age of carefree interconnection in dormitories and Internet cafes 20 years ago.

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Game Features

  • Real time strategy game in the golden age
  • Three completely different forces
  • There are about 50 arms and 40 unique buildings
  • Weapons and vehicles can be combined freely
  • Multi depth layered map to realize three-dimensional war

Game Videos

v0.07 version demo video
v0.06 version demo video
v0.02 version demo video

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  • The worker in ancient cities
    Producer, Planner, Programer, Technical art, Animator

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