Our Goal

Seek global games or game-related contents and introduce them to Chinese game developers and players by eliminating the language barrier.

Try to build a sustainable game localization system, providing high-quality, promptly and solid localization services aligned with global developers and translators.

Current Projects

Our Partners


Gamecores - One of most famous and successful game media in China since 2010

  • Focus on game content and culture
  • Loyalty core gamer fans from all over China


Yeeyan – The biggest translator community in China since 2006

  • Partner of the English newspaper, The Guardian
  • Translated Steve Jobs biography to Chinese in 30 days
  • Published over 300 digital books

The Growing Game Market in China

NekoPara Vol.1 obtained more players in China than in other countries

With a Chinese localization, Tomb Raider sold more copies in China than in any other countries besides the U.S.

Portal Knights released an update with a Chinese localized version and got significant additional sales June 21st, 2016

Homebehind has no English version, but still sold nearly 70K copies in China

Source: SteamSpy.com

Successful Story

With the help from indienova, Replica sold more copies in China than anywhere else

I would like to express my gratitude to indienova for supporting and localizing my game to Chinese. They gave me a chance just because they liked my game, even though I'm not a famous developer nor my game is. Thanks to indienova very much for supporting my game and for their service. Not just for the localization, but also for all aspects around the process, they gave me support as if they were from the team. I hope more indie developers have a chance to work with them.

- SOMI (Developer of Replica)


Please send mail to gutenberg (at) indienova.com if you are interested in this project.


What is Project Gutenberg going to do in the future?

Project Gutenberg is working on three verticals:

  • Choosing interesting and valuable games which are worth introducing to Chinese players, by providing high-quality localization services to game developers and making sure Chinese players are able to experience the original game.
  • Translating documents and articles related to game culture, game design and game studies. indienova is going to bring the latest details about the global game industry to Chinese developers and players which could hardly be seen in China.
  • Introducing great Chinese indie games to global markets by localizing them and giving the support they need.

How will you operate this project? 

Project Gutenberg is led by indienova and is supported by volunteers. We play different roles in this project:

  • indienova: Establish connections with international developers and publishers, select the appropriate games and obtain the authorization for localizing a game from its developers. Provide the tools and support to volunteers and be in charge of maintaining and operating the platform. At the end of the process, verify the quality of the localized version.
  • Volunteers: Localize each game, which includes translating and proofreading. Recommend subjects and documents worth translating.
  • Yeeyan : Translate games with complex content. As the largest translator community in China with 10 years of experience, it will also serve give support to the whole project.