Love can touch us once and last for a lifetime, especially in a tale where we can control the time.

Clocker is a puzzle game which staged a story between father and daughter. The game features unique time mechanisms, artistic hand-drawn sketchy style, thought-provoking puzzles, and a misted sweet plot. The plot extends with dual protagonists: Father John and Daughter Alice. Control two individual characters one at a time, you will gradually solve puzzles, push forward the timeline and the adventure.



Game Features

  • Dual protagonists narrative. Control Father and Daughter separately to experience the complete plot from different perspectives.
  • Time pause! Father endow with a power to move forward and backward of other characters' timelines by the mysterious pocket watch.
  • Where's the Father? Daughter's power can resume the twisted timelines. Trace the clues and help her find her Father.
  • Large and complex logic framework! Each NPC has their logical structure. Every single change of the timeline will influence the whole plot.
  • Unique and delicate artistic style. The combination of 2D and 3D techniques illustrated a lifelike virtual world.
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Programer & Producer Zhang Jun

2D & Concept Artist Gu Yu

Designer Liu Yifan

Animator & 3D Artist Tian Cheng