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Running a Arcade Bar in a Way of Operating an Art Gallery Interview with Mark Kleback

Wonderville is an indie game arcade and bar in Brooklyn, New York, founded by husband-and-wife team Mark Kleback and Stephanie Gross.

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Interview with Sam Barlow: From Her Story to IMMORTALITY

This time the new story centers around a film star, Marissa Marcel, who only ever appeared in three unreleased movies, “Ambrosio,” “Minsky,” and “Two of Everything.” Then, Marissa Marcel disappeared. The player gets hooked by the untold stories and must explore clips to speculate on the complex mystery: why and how she disappeared.

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Hometown to Me

Written on the eve of HAAK EA launch.

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Failure panic and checkpoint rush of players

Failure happens. In reality and in games. Retry. Cancel. These are common choices. But sometimes if the player gets stuck in some stage of a game, he may even never want to touch that game again.

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Comment on Indie Developers in Mainland

This passage is about some review on Chinese indie games presently, from a personal view.

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7 Years for 7 Beats

Here is a story about the development of our first game, right from the very beginning.

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2018 Chinese Indie Scene in the Eyes of a Swede

I know that as soon I can say something fairly accurate about it, it has already changed. That’s just the rate things change in the vibrant and unique landscape of the Chinese game world.

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2018 Sweden Game Conference

During the past week the small university town of Skövde, Sweden, attracted a sizable and international crowd of game developers, scholars and diehard video game enthusiasts to gather at the annual Sweden Game Conference.

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A Recap of CH Parallax's First Week

Critical Hit Parallax is hosted by TAG in collaboration with Indienova – China’s largest indie game portal.

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​Critical Play Report: Frostpunk

Frostpunk successfully delivers an intriguing experience where “every decision comes with a cost”; however, some imperfect factors in the game undermine the experience: the lack of emergence gameplay in the weather and heating system and the ludonarrative dissonance in the discontent system.

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Jason Li and Initory Studios

Although it's hard to survive only by making indie games, Jason Li and his studio found a way to satisfy themselves.

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San Lang and His Documentary on Indie Games in China

​San Lang is a Chinese indie developer working on a documentary on indie games in China. Here is a interview with him.

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