Adventure Road

Adventure Road

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Platforms: Windows / iOS / Android

A global service, real-time combat Strategy Role-Playing online games(SRPG).

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  • This is a global, real-time, SRPG game, which means that two players in any corner of the world have chance to meet and fighting each other!


This is a global service, real-time combat Strategy Role-Playing online games(SRPG). It's an indie game,due to funding constraints, the development of cumulative time-consuming five years, although the artistic effect is not outstanding, but the development is extremely careful, in the case of very limited developers (most of the time only 1 person), use up to 6 different server programs, We have implemented to bring players from around the world together for real-time combat,the main features are as follows:

(i) “Player VS Player Mode”:Global service, real-time combat. Players all over the world have opportunities for real-time PK.

(i) ”Story Mode”:Experience adventure stories in the game,battle with all kinds of monsters, veteran players will completion many missions and get a large amount of rewards.

(i)Easy to get started, the cost of learning is very low, simplified but not simple, core play prominent.

(i)Automatically save battle progress during combat, preventing player from losing battle information due to accidental network interruption.

(i)Dozens of positive and negative states (commonly known as buff/debuff), these buff/debuff will have different effects on the outcome of the battle.

(i)Dozens of skill can be cast unconditionally to attack enemys and strengthen self and friends.

(i) Dozens of different adventurers cards waiting for you to get,each adventurer has one to three active skills,some adventurers also have a passive skill,this further tests the control of cards and make the battle more interesting.

(i)Up to ten occupations,aggressive, defensive, remote and auxiliary,some can fly in the sky,some can move far away.

(i)Dozens of different terrains have different effects on adventurers,some terrain can increase the ability to avoid or health,some terrain causes you to get hurt.

(i)A large number of battle maps scene design beautiful,break through single screen restrictions, All kinds of big battle maps just need to be constantly dragged by fingers to navigate, at the same time there is a thumbnail map of the upper left corner for you to view anytime.

(i) Create a clan,call up your friends, join the clan,chat and play with friends together.

Whether now or in the future,we will use our technology accumulation,increasing the content of the game, keep bringing fun to everyone,at the same time, please also give generous support for us.


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