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Platforms: Windows / iOS / Android / AR

How do prisoners break through the layers of security in dungeons of different shapes? How to integrate 3D scene and 2D picture skillfully? Go ahead! Use your wisdom to rescue those who are detained all over the building and escape from the sky together!

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  • Exploring the Magic Game World with AR
  • Pixel Wind with Full Personality
  • Simple and easy to play games
  • Trying to rescue all the prisoners


A 3D game with AR mode, players need to control the role in the model plane to explore, rescue all prisoners, escape from prison.

Players will be arrested if there is no prisoner following them when they encounter the police. If the prisoner follows the first prisoner behind the player at any time and strikes the police, and returns to the prisoner's original cage, when the number of prisoners behind the player is more than two, the player can change the number of first and last prisoners by pressing the screen for a long time. Players need to lead all prisoners to escape from prison through reasonable formation adjustment and appropriate rescue time, and through the strategy of rescuing and consuming prisoners.

# We are a student team, although there are many shortcomings, but still willing to work hard to achieve our creativity.

# I also hope that you can give us more advice, whether it is on the game play or art style, or commercialization, we will be very grateful!

# We will also refer to your comments to modify and optimize the game, hoping to be available online in 2020.


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