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FaMo9 Studio

Platforms: Windows

Glimmer is a platform game tells the story that a spirit from the dark and deep sea world was called by the light and leaving the deep sea to pursue the light and finding himself.

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  • Excellent operating sense
  • Diverse challenges
  • Variety of game mechanisms
  • Hand-drawn scene
  • Lots of carefully designed levels
  • Excellent visual effect


Glimmer is a difficult Platforming Game.

Players need to control the spirit from the deep sea to avoid touching various deadly obstacles while proceeding to the end.

In addition to jumping and climbing walls, the elf has the ability to fly freely in any direction for a period of time, but this ability can only be used once before recharging. It can only be recharged after landing again or encountering specific game mechanics.

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In each chapter of the game, players will encounter a variety of game mechanisms designed with their own concepts at the core. For example, in the second chapter, they will encounter "neon lines" and "singularities" with the concept of "activation" as their core. Both of them have two states and players need to change state to pass levels.

Chapter 2

The current game flow is a chapter-type linear flow. Players need to unlock the corresponding next chapter through the previous chapter, and the chapters after the clearance are available for players to choose to play.

The game will contain four main chapters and the prologue of the game, with about 150 carefully designed levels and some beautiful game performance scenes.

Follow-up games will add more levels and game mechanics in the form of DLCs.

Glimmer has confirmed that it will participate in some independent game exhibitions, and will update relevant information at that time.


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