Iron Corbo

Iron Corbo

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Platforms: Windows / PS4 / XBOX ONE / Switch

"Iron Corbo" is a fighting game about creatively using your fists.

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Hello everyone,

Im sorry for using English. My Chinese writing is very poor.

I lived and worked in China from 2008 to 2017. China was a wonderful experience for me. I grew up abroad so I never knew what my home country was like. After spending almost 10 years in China, it inspired me to make an indie Videogame. It's called Iron Corbo.

It is an adventure, tactical, fighting game similar to Street Fighter, Super Smash Brothers, Dead Cells, Hollow Knight. There is also some fast action Tower Defense game play.

The player must use their brain, imagination and fast reflexes in order to succeed. This is not a mindless button pressing game. Enemies Will not forgive your mistakes and mistiming.

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