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Platforms: Windows

JU is a 3D puzzle game

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  • 80 levels


Before the vote, you can play version0.2 of this game here: https://wayne-tao.itch.io/ju on itch.io, it’s free.

Why choose JU as game’s name?

Actually, it is the name of a piece in Chinese chess. When I played Chinese chess with my uncle, it suddenly occurred to me that why not add some rules of JU to a simple maze map. So I made this game, JU.

Game Features about the version on steam:

- 50 levels +

- Just play it, don’t worry about language barrier. There are no words, only symbols.

- Steam achievement system.

- Map editor, you can create your map.

- You can share your map on Steam Workshop.

How to play?

Just like you can see in the video, key WSAD control the green cube to move to the red area. If you dowload the game demo, you will find the operation is easy.

Have fun :D


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