Kyvir: Rebirth

Kyvir: Rebirth

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Platforms: Windows / iOS / Android

This is a Roguelike single-player game that combines RPG with card battles.

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[ Features ]

Roguelike-style dungeon exploration

Unique and full of strategy card combat mechanism

Free combination of equipment, cards, and skills to create endless variables in battle

[ Gameplay ]

Randomly generated dungeons

Random events and battles

More than a hundred kinds of equipment with different abilities

Rich card and skill system

Challenging enemies and boss battles

[ Story ]

Across the long stream of time and space, a brave man summoned from another world sets out to fight the monsters in the dungeon in order to return to his own world!

[Future Updates]

New professions

More cards, skills, and equipment

More events

More challenging enemies and bosses

More detailed graphics

Complete the story of the entire Krell reincarnation

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