Beats Warrior: Nene

Beats Warrior: Nene

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Platforms: Windows

A rhythmic action battle game.

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        The game developed by the individual is planned to be sent to Steam after completion.

        Development log (Chinese)12345678.


        The gameplay is mainly a combination of rhythm and action games, predicting the distance at each beat, and making different actions to fight the enemy.


        The game has been developed for nearly a year, and there have been too many detours, but since it is only made by one person from start to finish, the boat is also a good turn.After about 5 gameplay prototypes, the gameplay of the beat action class was determined in the beginning of the year. Compared to the gameplay, it is relatively fun and fresh.

        As a player, I played a lot of interesting games, and I hope I can also make games that make me feel interesting.


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