Double Line Confrontation:New world

New World(International version)

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Platforms: Windows

When Cooper was on a mission in the cloud cosmic terminal, the double line army sent another agent, Captain Blanc. He and the protagonist Cooper were sworn enemies, but for the safety of all mankind, he had no choice

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  • 枪械手感得到极大优化
  • 免费游戏
  • 多人联机


Chapter 1 (Slums): When passing through the slums, the plane was interfered by the running dogs and crashed accidentally. He was the only one of the five crew members who survived. When he explored the slums, he found that this place had been occupied by the running dogs, but there would be two mercenaries in the slums to help you attack the running dogs

Chapter 2: When the protagonist came to the Middle East, he fainted in the open space due to the lack of food and water. He recalled the training scene at that time. At that time, the two teams (the Whirlwind Team and the Black Horse Team) fought fiercely and would be eliminated if they were careless

Chapter 3: Brank wakes up with his strong perseverance and finds that there is a village in front of him. The village is empty, but there are relatively rich materials. It is a lair for running dogs. He has arranged two armed helicopters to help you evacuate

Chapter 4: Blanc comes to the search and rescue center, but finds that it has been occupied. The running dogs have done a lot of fortifications here, and cut off the power of the elevator. Only if they kill a blood way can they succeed

Segment system display

At the beginning of the game, the player's segment will be hidden. The segment will not be unlocked until the player's victory score reaches 300 points. The player's segment will be based on the KDA index. The segment will be improved only when the player plays his level steadily in the battlefield. On the contrary, if the player intentionally dies or deliberately does not kill the enemy in the game, the player's segment will decline. After 300 points, the segment will be graded, and the score will be higher, It means that the player has rich resume and high rank, which means that the technology is excellent at this stage. That's all.

The player has too many deaths, and there is a variance in the middle of the segment, that is, the more deaths, the slower the segment will be upgraded

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