Red Galaxy

Red Galaxy

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Platforms: Windows

This is a retro space shooting game, where you only fight against the strongest enemy.

There are 15 unique bosses in the game, and players need to use different weapons and strategies to defeat them.

Dedicated to you who are both challengers and retro game lovers.

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  • 15 bosses
  • 8 weapons
  • global leaderboard


Boss only

Red Galaxy is a retro space-shooter where your only enemies are bosses.

Epic soundtracks

Each boss has their own soundtrack.

Switch anytime

The player can switch between ships and weapons anytime in the game.

Bullet time

Use bullet time to outspeed anything.

Global leaderboard

The leaderboard will store the top 100 highest scores in the world. The leaderboard is shared between both android and pc.

Multiple languages

The game support English,中文,にほんご,norsk,français,El idioma español.


Darkness is growing throughout the Red Galaxy. But when all seems lost a new hope is born. Two twins are found on the steps of the Starship Academy. The boy with the light blue hair and the girl with the fire in her eyes. They were born to be starship pilots. You control them in the struggle against tyranny and to purge the galaxy of all evil. You are the beacon of light.


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