Roman's Christmas

Roman's Christmas

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Platforms: Windows / Mac / Android

Roman's Christmas is a furry detective AVG. You play as a wolf detective, Roman, to solve mystery cases in a tavern with 12 other travellers.

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  • Multiple endings
  • 13 cool characters
  • live 2D character pictures
  • 6 murder cases for you to solve
  • Unique reasoning system
  • Well-made soundtrack


This is a detective game with classic gameplay and brand new stories, while all the characters are fuzzy animals!

You play as Roman, a detective who wishes to have a decent vacation at a small tavern in the suburbs. 13 travellers gathered here because of the heavy storm, and mysterious cases happened one after another...... In order not to spoil the hard-earned vacation, you must solve the cases and bring harmony back to the tavern.

There's 5 original cases in the game, and they are connected to each other.

There is nothing new under the sun. However Apollion is quite a brave new world compared to the human world. Talk to the travelers to find out more about this country where all kinds of anthropomorphic animals live together. You can even enjoy throwing darts and guessing cards in the tavern.

Your fate is affected when making choices, so better make them good. BTW if you happen to have the power to rewind time, please use it wisely.

We also have various methods to help you resolve the cases.

All detectives heavily depend on evidence. Please thoroughly go through each room of the tavern, inquire everyone for information.

As a wolf detective, Roman has his special perk — sniffing. Since we couldn’t afford making devices that can let you smell the scent of crime scene, we strongly suggest you to purchase a piece of meat and sniff it when it comes to the sniffing part — just kidding. We designed a way to visualize scents, so that you can solve cases with your nose.

Tarots point out the suspicious parts of evidences, so that you can make the best choice among them.

The roulette is made of 4 elements of a case — Motive, Technique, Weapon and Suspect. Complete the 4 quests and reach the truth!

Arrange the jetton in time order will help you have a clearer sight.

Find the contradictory and slap the correct evidence into the liar’s face! (Not recommended in real life)

The climax of chapter! Completely find out the truth of murder by completing the comic.

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罗曼圣诞探案集 玩后感23333

1、 BGM很好听,很符合游戏中世纪风的设定。不过一直没听过安卓弹的曲子呢。。
2、 BGM在黑屏的时候没有的设定可以看更多受众的体验来判断是否保持或增加BGM。
3、 面部表情很丰富
4、 有搞笑段子作为调剂很不错
5、 打嗝的音效没听到。敲门的音效不是真实的敲门音效。还有一些和剧情相关的音效其实还可以更丰富。
6、 背景场景很好看,不同章节房间画有细微不同很好,不过一直保持主体不变有点审美疲劳
7、 角色形象很符合各个人物特征,尤其是伊阿尼!!
8、 希望人物可以随剧情变换姿势以及手里拿的东西/提高多样性
9、 在选择事情的进展的时候,有的地方只能按作者意愿走,而不能根据玩家的选择继续剧情。比如:“1、作者希望是甲乙丙顺序的剧情,但玩家如果选了乙丙甲的顺序,就会让玩家先回到甲然后再甲乙丙,感觉比较怪。(个人意见)2、在破案的时候只能是一个转盘顺序破案”
10、 有点像BEASTAR这个番。
11、 在“需要记录进度吗”点“是”之后,直接自动存档而进入下一对话会更好
12、 不太懂第一遍证词和询问后证词的设定,直接用询问后证词再对询问后证词提疑点不是更好吗?
13、 是否考虑加更多的彩蛋?比如“聊天时选择不同顺序会有不同文字信息,但总体方向不变”,“重复选择同一选项会有不同的对话”等等
14、 插画很好看
15、 感谢在不停失误后依然有提示(其实就是破不出来案啊233)以及“还要搜查XX地方的提示”
16、 是否要在之后的剧情中将空房间/或者和主线无关的房间设置为不可选中?当然这样优点是可以降低难度、节省时间,缺点是会降低可玩性和真实性。
17、 创新的嗅探系统很不错。符合架空的兽人设定,希望未来继续创新保持。
18、 漫画解释很有趣,也很生动
19、 为了伊阿尼和卢涅暴风哭泣!不过之前的剧情也确实有所提示。你币有了。
20、 破不出来案即死的结局很不错,是否取消无限试错系统?增加更多多结局设计?
21、 每个章节间的过场文字可以再慢点
22、 提到了霸凌的问题很不错,
23、 结局是否要安排独特的BGM?或者还是以主题音乐为主?
24、 感谢最后的美好结局。



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