Zombie Dungeon

Zombie Dungeon

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Platforms: Windows

A game that looks very simple.Enjoy frustration,over and over.
Drag the character to the end,unique weapons are used to overcome various difficulties in the process.
This is all of the game!

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  • 像素风格


Welcome to challenge~

I'm glad you chose to try this game finally~

Dr.alien ZEEK attempts to control players'emotions through electronic video games,let your mind be completely destyoyed! You have to challenge and destroy the plan ultimately.


  • Simple game,drag move character to avoid the trap and enemies .
  • Unlock more than 4 exotic scene.
  • With over 48 handcrafted levels,it took us a while to make it!
  • With over 12 unique weapons.
  • Over 6+ enemies with unique abilities!
  • Enjoy frustration,over and over.
  • Surprise reward awaits who completed all levels!


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