Magic Archers

Magic Archers

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Platforms: Windows

Come and repel your enemies with superb archery skills! Use the magic box with its various Skills! Never give up, no matter the circumstances! Come and enjoy!

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  • 游戏风格搞笑有趣,动作滑稽
  • 操作简单老少皆宜,属于易于上手较难精通类型
  • 3d横版,光影真实、动态背景更加生动
  • 丰富的敌人类型,需要玩家配合适当的技能来进行战斗
  • 技能多样、配合随机掉落的道具箱,使次战斗的不确定性更高


The Magic Archers is an independent game focusing on leisure and entertainment with 3D horizontal version. The gameplay is unique and a little humorous. You need to play games by means of the defensive combat. Finally, the one who successfully defends his or her position will be the winner of the game.
The attack from our enemy in the game is like the shock from the environment in reality. The stronger one and the weaker one exchanges their status constantly, which never stops. It is extremely praiseworthy to be able to resist the pressure and temptation and always stay true to the original intention when you face the shock from the environment.
Control 3 heroes with different attributes to fight against various enemies. Boxes are also loyal comrades in arms. you can get skills from the boxes. If you lose them accidentally, it will be difficult to survive. You are not only a fighter but also a decision maker!


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