Blue Bird Land

Blue Bird Land

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Platforms: Windows

Blue Bird Land is an AVG with horror and puzzle elements, developed by Can_yue_C.moon.

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  • Different challenges and puzzles, every part is a new surprise.
  • Interesting plot with more than 10000 words.
  • Special art, mixing western fantastic elements.
  • Attractive art and music, an immersive experience



Blue Bird Land is an AVG with horror and puzzle elements. There are six endings and four levels. In each level, the form of the game is unique and different from others. As the captivating story unfolding, you can enjoy the creepy pictures and scary atmosphere, having fun solving the exciting and interactive puzzles. Let’s follow the alluring characters, addicted to the dangerous amusement park.

<<Guideline of Blue Bird Land>>

Brought by fate, only some people can follow the blue bird, the envoy, and enter the amusement park—Blue Bird Land. Once the risk of losing your soul is accepted, Blue Bird Land will kill someone for you. Vivina, a young girl, enters Blue Bird Land with absolute determination, challenging various and weird difficulties set by demons. Can she realize her wish, leave Blue Bird Land with her soul, and embrace the new dawn?

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