Breath of the Wasteland

Breath of the Wasteland

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Platforms: Windows / iOS / Android

Breath of the Waste Land is an indie adventure game in the style of Waste Land.

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Breath of the Waste Land is an indie adventure game in the style of Waste Land.

Make money by fraudulent buying and selling in different havens, traverse the dangerous wilderness, explore the mysterious map, collect scrap and historical treasures...

Overturn the old rules and establish your own new order to make the barren wasteland prosperous again.

Experience cool vehicle driving and unique battle mode.

SUVs, armoured vehicles, buses, tanks... A variety of vehicles, different vehicles have different handling feel, having fights with people is not exciting enough, let's use armored vehicles to fight each other!

Master waste economy and experience the fun of running business.

Desert, plain, forest, three different styles of areas, 55 havens have hundreds of different merchandises. Merchandise prices and inventory will change according to the situation, hoarding, buying and reselling, enjoying the happiness of money.

Thousands of combinations and personality modification of vehicles.

Main armament, machine gun, missile, laser cannon, storage, dam board, repair equipment, seven types of more than 100 kinds of vehicle equipment. Equip trucks with missiles and tanks with storage, combine your vehicles as freely as you want.

Explore the world freely and experience the richness of tasks and virtual Easter eggs.

Variety of collectibles, Over one hundred thousand words of story text, weather changes, random events, hidden missions, fog of map... Bring you an immersive waste world!


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