Cream War

Cream War

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Platforms: Windows / iOS / Android / PS4 / XBOX ONE / Switch

This is a physics party game, players can experience in this lovely game and friends cooperation to complete the task (interactive pit), play a variety of. There is player UGC content to be built by players themselves.

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  • Hpappy
  • physics


There are various groups in the animal world, as the level of animal civilization increases, and to avoid competition among animals. The tournament is held regularly among animals. Through the tournament, the pursuit of harmonious coexistence among animals is realized.

There are currently three modes of play:

1. Both parties scramble for materials and deliver the materials to their respective machines within the specified time. The party with more points for delivering materials within the specified time wins.

2. Animal chaos fight, through multiple rounds of elimination, when one of the gold medal times reached 3, the champion, and the end of the game.

3. Cream graffiti, through the hand brush, in the specified time, which side graffiti more land area, which side wins

At the same time, our game is not only the above three modes, we can allow players to customize their own homes, custom to dress up their own animals. There are even social halls where different players can interact with each other.

We are also making the player map editor, allowing players to customize the map, to create a new version of their own preferences!


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