Dungeon Of Dragon Knight

Dungeon Of Dragon Knight

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Dungeon of Dragon Knight is a solid Dungeon crawler’s RPG, which may awake your memory of these classic games such as Dungeon Master, Eye of the beholder, Lands of Lore and Legend of Grimrock.

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  • Next generation visuals, dynamic lightning and environmental audio system.
  • The dungeon contains hundreds of riddles.
  • Multi-races and multi-classes, you can develop the characters freely.
  • Real-time combat, demanding for your own dexterity.
  • Runes Combination magic system, easy to learn but difficult to master.
  • Old-school mode for veterans.
  • Crafted maps and random levels (coming soon).
  • Tavern in the dungeon, good wine needs no bush.


Background Story

Your home town got attacked by orcs. As a last resort you fled into an unknown forest. Suddenly, a witch appeared and pointed you to a house not far away. However, you found that it was in fact a cave. Then you were informed that the witch needed you to enter the cave and find the dragon knight, Sowen, who had a magical weapon that he intended on using to open the gates of Hell. So you descended into the dungeon and began your search for the dragon knight.

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Dungeon of Dragon Knight has inherited the spirit of the old-time Dungeon crawler’s games. But instead of producing another duplicate of DRPG (Dungeon RPG) classics, we have applied the latest game development techniques, including the substance painter to create next generation environment and Unity engine to create dynamic lighting system, which add glamour to the visual effect.

Our game provides full voice-cover in both Chinese and English. The game music is composed by Japanese musicianTetsuya Shibata who is famous for his work in Monster Hunter, Devil May Cry, Resident Evil, and etc.Image title

When it comes to character design, Dungeon of Dragon Knight offers 4 races (Human, Dwarf, Elf and Dragonborn) as well as 5 classes (Cleric, Fighter, Ranger, War Lord and Wizard). Except for the basic properties like Strength, Wisdom and Dexterity. You need to set the Skills and Traits properly by distributing the limited points wisely. When setting the skill points, you'd better consider the character's race and class thus you can take full advantage of the rule. But after all, it’s up to you to create your own Dream Team.

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In the Real-time battle system of the game, monsters may hide and seek chances to conduct a sneak attack. You should always keep an eye or you'll probably be frightened by monsters popping out. The magic system refers to Runes Combination. And the spells are not readily available on a list. You have to use trial and error to figure out what combination of Runes does. Last but not least, we add the Old-school (no player map) mode for veterans. Returning to the sheer joy of adventuring—the core of DRPG, is all that we want to present.

The EA version has been released in late January and it’s supposed that the standard version will come out this July. We believe it will bring you more surprises with new content added, including Rogue-like maps, dungeon level editor and so on.

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