in the world end, you and me the forget's legend

in the world end, you and me the forget's legend

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Platforms: Windows

This is a outdated RPG of a hero save the world,but this game has had problems since the beginning.

As the protagonist, you will pass the game in a totally different way, the story of this game must exceed your imagination.

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Game features:

Unexpected but reasonable stories unfold, hoping to surprise you. 

Pure game experience, no maze, no farm, you will face 20 BOSS battles. 

Battles need strategy, if you choose the "Heroes Mode", you must have a strong will.

As the first work independently produced, this game still has many shortcomings:

1.The map is crude.It exists only for the sake of the plot, and you don't need to explore it.

2.Unable to save freely.The game only provides automatic archiving due to the set reason. Don't worry, it is an inevitable experience to eliminate NPC. You can quickly return to this story in the second week.

3.The difficulty of BOSS is too high. It is not recommended to select "Heroes Mode" for one week. In the tutorial map, enter Cheats to get the salted fish artifact. You can use it 3 times for the novice difficulty. You can win directly in the battle.

4.The story is inexplicable.Believe me, you will understand all this in the end.

5.The quality of English translation is not good. This is a bit difficult for the author.

Game Cheats:

Entering SKIP at the beginning of the game tutorial will skip the tutorial.

Enter the author's name NIGHTLOAD at the beginning of the game tutorial to get the salted fish artifact.


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