I Can't Remember

I Can't Remember

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Platforms: Windows / Web / iOS / Android

The project is a hand drawn comic style interactive narrative puzzle game. The game takes the life love story of an old couple as the theme, and puts forward thoughts on practical problems such as Alzheimer's disease.

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  • 交互叙事
  • 中国风
  • 现实题材
  • 爷爷奶奶爱情


  1. The game will explore the field of interactive narrative and try to create a unique narrative experience.
  2. The game will explore the field of narrative aesthetics, try to integrate the artistic conception of "virtual reality" and "blank" in Feng Zikai's paintings into game art, and try to explore the new style of game art. At the same time, the game will use the form of "split screen" to explore the narrative experience under the new form.
  3. The game will explore narrative techniques. This game will comprehensively use a variety of narrative techniques: parallel narrative, comparative narrative, circular narrative, etc., and will explore the flexible use of narrative techniques.
  4. The game will explore the realistic theme on social issues. The game will try to pay attention to the love stories of the elderly, and reflect and reflect on social problems such as Alzheimer's disease.
  5. The game will record the independent game project, development process, publicity and other links, and show the development process to social media.


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