island and factories

island and factories

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Platforms: Windows

Set management, strategy, planning, breeding elements as one.

Randomly generated islands have different resources, industrialization or agriculture is up to you.

Planting crops, breeding animals, mining minerals to obtain low-grade products, factory processing to obtain high-grade products.

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  • plant
  • breed
  • Product manufacturing
  • automatic production line
  • Trading
  • sandbox
  • plot
  • Random Island
  • Mineral collection
  • Power system


Original intention of game design

The original intention of my game design comes from the haze in winter. Only when you are really under the influence of environmental pollution can you deeply realize its harm and reflect on what you can do for environmental protection.

Personal ability is limited, only to arouse the power of the public is the only choice, although I can only in the field (game) to do a little bit of power.

The main line of the game is related to natural disasters. Although most of the natural disasters have nothing to do with human production activities, they can have a great impact on human life. Although the protagonists avoid the invasion of powerful natural disasters in the process of building a new home, they have created another kind of man-made disaster which is not weaker than natural disasters step by step. I hope the pollution index system in the game can always remind you how important it is to reduce pollution (you will also feel its power in the game:).

Game mode

The game mode of island factory is divided into plot mode and sandbox mode. The scenario mode is equipped with novice guidance, so that you can quickly understand various operations and simple equipment operation. Sandbox mode has 4 different difficulties and numerous random islands for you to challenge.

Plot mode background

The West Island is a small island country. It has to be relocated due to the volcanic recovery. However, due to its self-sufficiency, the West Island does not have enough funds to purchase the required islands. In the case of insufficient funds, the only foreign student in the West Island played by the player started the development journey, and added value to the capital with his own knowledge and ability until he could buy enough islands to accommodate all the islanders.


Sandbox mode has numerous random islands. According to the size and type of islands, terrain, minerals, livestock and crops will be generated randomly, which ensures that every challenge can bring a brand-new experience!


At present, there are four kinds of livestock that can be cultivated. Chicken, duck, sheep and cattle are respectively corresponding to four basic products: eggs, duck down, wool and milk. Through the processing of these four basic products, more processed products such as cakes, chocolate milk, sweaters and down jackets will be produced. In the future, we will expand more types of processed products and increase the types of livestock.


At present, there are 12 kinds of plants, such as cocoa, coconut, corn and cotton, which produce different products, such as cocoa beans, coconuts, corn, strawberries and other primary agricultural products. Similarly, more processed products will be produced through processing, such as coconut juice, strawberry jam, candy, etc.


We have designed an automatic system, including a series of buildings, such as mechanical arm, conveyor belt, separator, factory, furnace, etc., which will form a complete closed loop and continuously convert raw materials into primary products, intermediate products and advanced products.


There are six minerals in total, including oil, coal, iron, copper, etc. With these different minerals, you can make all kinds of production equipment as well as daily and industrial products, such as toothbrush, toothpaste, laptop, motorcycle.


There are 18 kinds of random events and 1 series of fixed events, some of which can increase the probability of plant reproduction, and some of them will reduce the yield. Some are not affected by environmental pollution, while others are closely related to pollution degree. If a negative event occurs frequently, please pay attention to your pollution index.


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