Joan of Arc : The Beginning

Joan of Arc : The Beginning

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Platforms: Windows / iOS / Android

Joan of Arc: The Beginning  is a magical adventure puzzle game. The games tells the story of Joan before she went to battlefront——a series of strange phenomena happened in her hometown Domremy affected by the war. The Player will act as Joan explore the village with the simple screen click to analyse the information, and solve the mystery behind the truth. The process is also the process of Joan’s self-growth.

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  • Side-scrolling scene, play in grotesque fairy tales
  • An intricate, multi-dimensional world with truths. You need to switch in all dimensions to find scattered clues
  • Bizarre and unexpected plots
  • Script with philosophical myths
  • Experimental electronic music sets the psychedelic atmosphere
  • Support multiple languages


The story

A shepherdess of a French village, Joan, woke up from a strange dream and found that the village was empty because of the war. Meanwhile, the house was floating, villagers were shrouded in a  strange atmosphere, all this made her confused. And this moment, she heard the call of angel, and a ghost approached her step by step……

Psychedelic dreams,burning Magic gates,petrified boy,floating castles… What kind of world is this? Waiting for players to explore.


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