Journey of Realm: Dawn Dew

Journey of Realm: Dawn Dew

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Platforms: Windows / Mac

"Journey of Realm: Dawn Dew" is a 2D story-based turn-based game developed by an individual. In the game, you will assume the role of "Dew", and encounter a variety of characters, confront the looming threat of the dark beasts, face the ultimate evil, and ultimately fight for goodness and freedom.

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In the current V1.024 test version, the test content has reached 40-60 minutes.

You can join QQ group: 937699129 Download compressed package directly for experience.

The content page of this V1.024 test version will also be available on Steam for a free experience in the future.


A scene full of exploration

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Collect materials, experiences, props, books in the scene, gradually understand the history of the realm, and make yourself more powerful.

Fight with multiple means

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Surprise enemies in the scene to build an opening advantage; Change posture, change combat mode;

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Use posture skills or self-carried skills;

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Use props to give yourself a boost, or to hit enmey.

Subsequent versions will also support the use of support units for auxiliary operations.

Refuse to play torture time

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The game has built-in maps and allows quick travel to any location.
Map design for exploration, collection, story service, avoid meaningless design obstruction.


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