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Platforms: Windows / Android

Liquids is a word puzzle adventure game based on RPGMaker. At the beginning of the story, we need to play the police detective Todd to investigate a tricky murder case - empty casino in the middle of only a pool of blood in the body of a woman, according to their own intuition, experience, wisdom, reasoning triggered thinking, after that you need to make what you think is the right choice to restore the whole story.

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  • Classical music
  • Multibranch text
  • 10 endings


The length of the game is expected to be similar to the length of a movie. But the game is a non-linear narrative, clues and metaphors are hidden in the fragmented details, Restoring the full picture of the story depends on the player's own judgment, firmly believe that after multiple playthroughs, you will have a new view of events each time.

The story is set in a human society with energy shortage and unity of military, government and religion after the great urban renewal.

The scholar Albert invented the "Prometheus" which can convert everything into liquid energy.

When the "Prometheus" was completed, public opinion began to worry that the machine would change the existing power structure, and the people at the bottom of the social pyramid might be reduced to the liquid feed of the machine.

Some say that the raw material of the machine is the human brain, and some say that the machine is the brainwashing tool of Bishop Jones of the Temple

At the same time, Albert's girlfriend, the famous female director Emma died in a strange way, police detective Todd began to investigate

Some people suspect that Emma became a victim of Albert's machine experiments, while others say that Emma died in a love affair or suicide

Between these two events, is there really a connection?


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