Love in the distance

Love in the distance

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Platforms: Windows / Mac

A word adventure game based on a long-distance relationship. On high school and college campuses, pick up memories that belong only to that time. Ideal and reality, if we can chose it again, can we not have regrets?

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  • Word Game
  • Story Rich
  • Dating Sim
  • Single player
  • Visual Novel
  • Indie



  • Interactive dialogue, restore the real network story experience.
  • Diverse branches, exclusive endings for multiple characters.
  • Exquisite character animation, experience the vivid dialogue and plot.
  • Support Steam achievement collection.


  • In 2005, the popularity of social networking software brought great convenience to online dating.
  • The reticent teenager "I" who loves novels,With the help of my friend, I came to the world of the Internet for the first time...
  • In the long-distance, what kind of story will "I" interweave with characters with different personalities?


Image title

The reticent teenager who likes novels,

Average grades, but good at writing.

Do not want to follow the crowd, but also do not like to show off.

The bottom of my heart seems to have a young blood side.

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“Maybe this is the life that I desired.”

The top-grade girl in the class.

Although with good grades, she didn't care about it.

Pure heart, yearning for a wonderful and unknown life in the university.

Hobbies are reading comics and listening to music, shopping, and food.

Met the protagonist in high school.

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“Aren't we have the same goal?”

A literary girl with a strong talent for writing, she has serialized popular novels on her blog.

She has a mild temper and loves fantasy, and she is used to thinking about things from a perceptual perspective.

Her hobbies are reading and writing.

Met the protagonist in college.

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“Men should have dreams, right?”

Sunny personality and love video games (especially single player)

He is a hardcore game enthusiast.

He speaks in measure and listens to others.

He is curious about new things and will act for what he thinks is meaningful.

He became friends with the protagonist in high school.


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