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Mars Plan

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「Mars Plan」is a colony simulation game on Mars, you will start by gathering resources, storing food, accepting immigrants, and building a better colony together. Develop powerful technologies for Mars Terraformation, make Mars great agai..sorry, just great. Don't forget to make the residents happy.

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  • mars colonization
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  • real mars place names


「Mars Plan」 is a game to build a colony on Mars and ensure its prosperity.

In this game, you will start from scratch to obtain minerals and energy from Mars, build a hydroponic farm to store food, build habitats to accept batches of immigrants.

This is not enough. The harsh environment on Mars will bring a lot of trouble to your colony. Low air pressure, high radiation, large sandstorms, etc. There is no future in dealing with various natural disasters.

Therefore, you need to research more powerful technologies, build more powerful colonies, and even perform some surgery on Mars to make it more livable and become the real master of Mars.

In addition, there are stories and troubles where there are people. With the increasing colonial population, they have their own joys and sorrows, and they will also have various needs. If you ignore them, you are afraid that one day they will ruin the great future of Mars.

So, you need to build living and entertainment facilities, promulgate various welfare policies, and provide residents with all-round convenience for food, clothing, housing, transportation. When people have a happy life, the colony has a bright future, and the entire Mars Plan will be meaningful.

The place names in the game are all real Martian landform names, and they land at almost the correct geographical location according to latitude and longitude. For example, the Valles Marineris, the Acidalia Planitia, Tempe Fossae, etc.

Therefore, even if you run the colony poorly, at least you have learned a lot about the geography of Mars, right?

I hope this game can give you a special journey to colonize Mars. If you have a strong interest in colonizing Mars, you can learn more about the Mars Plans of the great brains in the real world. Maybe they just need some attention from ordinary or extraordinary people like me and you.


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