Providence ~ Olympus' Firmament ~

Providence ~ Olympus' Firmament ~

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Platforms: iOS / Android

Mortals were born with awe, to the power far beyond human’s ability. Worship and mythology were born from there. The one who rules everything - Zeus, the one who give us light and warm - Apollo, the one who accomplished 12 impossible missions - Heracles.

Now, you have the chance to accompany with those Gods, to make strategy, to battle with enemies, to conquer hostile poleis and cities, to unify the entire continent!

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  • With beloved Goddess
  • Rapid Strategy Game


Favor system -

Bond with your Goddess, sometimes it is more important than battle - the intimacy will affect their power.

Amulet System -

Beside of blade and magic, Amulets are also crucial in the battlefield. You can get powerful Amulets by defeating enemy legions and combine multiple lower level Amulets into a single powerful one!

AP (Action Points) system -

AP (Action Points) is the key to every step. Certain amount of AP will be restored every month automatically, but you can use some special items and amulets to get additional AP. The AP points are shared by all your units, you can choose to use a single legion to address a sudden strike or charge all your legions to perform a solid attack.

Metempsychosis -

Perhaps even unifying the entire continent is still not the end, you may find out a special item in your inventory, by using it, a whole new world is waiting for you.


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