Scrabble - Five Words Quatrain

Scrabble - Five Words Quatrain

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Creative! Difficult! Spell knowledge! Love someone and give him a poem. Hate a person and give him a poem!

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[game introduction]

"Spelling words - five words quatrains" hand travel - billions of poetry lovers dream! The first ancient poetry memory learning game, graphic design style, brain-burning levels, and exciting text sequence play will all bring players a new gaming experience. Players will understand how the poet in the poetry creation process, according to understanding the situation, the text perfectly arranged into ancient poems, express their feelings of life. During the challenge of the Zen mode, the player will use the permutation and combination method to review the literal meaning. When reviewing verbatim, the player can skillfully arrange the text order and experience how the poet converts the text into the narrative and lyrical when he writes. In the arrangement process, the infinity approached the poet's scene and blended, but found that the increasingly uncanny connotation of the ancient poetry brought you back through the ancient world thousands of years ago, experiencing the wandering thoughts, the thinking of the women, the thinking of the women and the aspirations of the acquaintances. He devoted himself to career development, exposing the darkness of the real society, criticizing the customs of the end of the world, exposing time and the feelings of his own life.

[game features]

1 all included ancient poetry, meet each other

The five-language quatrains are full-length ancient poems for every poet fan to collect dreams. Here, you can experience the creation like the ancients, pursue the idea of life, find the love of your life, and communicate with all the partners with similar interests. This Daquan will live up to your heart!

2 Multi-line story Real and cruel harem drama

Face the article every day has been tired? The daily reading news is bothersome and it's easy to enjoy learning time. The rhythm of learning this song is controlled by you. Different perspectives from enthusiasts. The world you see is not exactly the same. There are many life experiences, but at this time I just want to work with you. Return to the beginning of life.

3 perfect scenes

Unity engine technology, mature details rendering, audio-visual enjoyment more delicate and more real! The style is simple, the music is decompressed, and you cannot stop it.

4 Simple operation Real-time interaction

Click on the selection, click on the exchange, easy to use! Whether the free choice is completed or not cannot be skipped for a moment, but it is crazy but not lost.

5 rich types lasting

A variety of subject matter content, rich sense of what they think, short and refined, and the thoughts and feelings are so rich and profound, expressive, unique ingenuity.

6 Open and learn anytime, anywhere

Five minutes to complete a poem, three minutes to complete a poem, everyone is the creator of ancient poetry. The spelling is not alone. It is a community and a small partner to play together.

7 Double Learning Modes

In the game, the player can experience two modes of "Zen" and "Tao". The goal of the "Zen" mode is to deduce the order of the five words. The goal of the "Dao" mode is to deduce the order of four verses. In the game, the player uses light bulb tips to feel the tension of the heartbeat and the joy of completing the strategy in a field deduction game.

8 The Collection of Quatrain Ancient Poems of the Five Dynasties Exploration of Poets' Feelings

Behind each poet is hidden stories, or for money, grudges, or love, they also write down their own feelings. Players enter the game on behalf of the ancient poetry to reproduce the process of text deduction, the mystery of ancient poetry creation can be found.

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