Steelball Adventure

Steelball Adventure

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Alex Bell

Platforms: iOS / Android

The game tells about a hero fighting against a devil with fun

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Hello, guys

My name is Jacky, welcome to give

Steelball's Adventure, I developed , which tells about a story a hero fighting against a devil with fun, you got to love it. but before you play I got to warn you:

1) Those who suffer insanity ,please do not have a try!
2) Those who are low IQ, please be sure accompanied by the Smart.
3) ASAP is no use for the game, you must use your brain,

After passed a couple of stages, you will feel much more EXCITING!!!
When you get though all of stages, you will become as strong as STEEL !!!!

The walk through and relative info are on the website, thank you for playing and testing.


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