The Door Of Redemption

The Door Of Redemption

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Platforms: Windows

When you wake up in a dungeon full of peculiar smell, someone tells you: you must find a way to escape from this dungeon, and be careful, you are not alone……

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  • I'm a pure text adventure puzzle game, saluting the world's first character AVG, "adventure in a cave"


This is a text-based decryption game and interactive novel.

  • You can complete the game through the various instructions given by system, such as input “use” to use the carried items.
  • Using “w a s d” four commands to respectively represent walking north, West, South and East. Remember to use “look” to explore the world.
  • You can use the “tip” command to get the tip in the places you don't know, and use the “Q” command to check commands if you forget them.
  • In addition to entering the system's own instructions, sometimes you can also enter some other key words, which refer to the words in brackets in the game text
  • Using fewer tips and steps to complete the escape will win a higher evaluation.

Warning: It is not recommended to play this game in the Office :-P


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