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Platforms: Windows

Walk through the hours of dawn, dusk, and midnight, explore the stories between the three protagonists and the hidden secrets under the town Tideline.

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  • Day and night circle
  • Pixel
  • Adventure and interactive
  • Multi-protagonists


"Strange things happens here. You know, she is like an iceberg, we can only live in one-tenth of witch above the sea and keep the rest away. But anyway, Life always goes on, not to mention that Tideline is indeed a very beautiful town. "

——The Librarian

Tideline is a top-down pixel RPG game that allow you to travel through the hours of dawn, dusk, and midnight, meet different people, experience the stories of three protagonists with different personalities, and uncover the hidden secret of the town Tideline.


  • Pixel and Lighting: stylized visual experience;

  • Multi-protagonists: three protagonists with different personalities and mechanics. Experience their stories and use different mechanisms of the protagonists to solve puzzles and defeat enemies.

  • Interleaved plots and events:as the time period switches, you will explore different places from the perspective of different protagonists, get to know different characters, or even learn about different aspects of the characters you are interested in. Of course, the influence you exert in a certain protagonists will also apply to other time periods, and this will also be an important part of advancing the plot.

  • Mechanism-driven adventure experience: maps, puzzles and enemies centered on the different mechanics of the three protagonists. As player switch the protagonist, they will have completely different experience.


Well, since I'm new to indie game development, and this is my first project, it may take a long time...but I will stick to it.


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