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V of War

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Platforms: Windows


'V-War, Fight for Victory' is a next gen sci-fi first person shooter developed by Black Shark Studios from NINED digital technology.

Running on Unreal engine 4 and fully playable in VR, players will find themselves immersed in the game like never before. With beautifully detailed environments such as the snow covered military base, jungle temple and abandoned factory, V-War looks stunning whether playing on PC or VR.

Single player is made for VR players, while on multiplayer modes VR players and PC players would have different characteristics. VR players can shoot more precisely but the movement would not be as smooth as PC ones. A high level of cooperation is necessary.

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  • The first VR+PC cross platform FPS game
  • Playable on VR and PC and PSVR
  • Massively Multiplayer Online, could enjoy battle with friends!
  • Abundant game modes and gameplays



This year is 2030, earth’s resources are running dry and the world is at war over what little remains. Military factions compete to stay ahead in the ensuing arms race, developing ever more advanced weaponry including the newest generation of genetically enhanced super soldiers.

Game Modes – Single Player

Become‘the ultimate hero’, as you take control of genetically enhanced super soldiers. Master futuristic weapons and vehicles such as the plasma assault rifle, super charged shotgun and advanced heavy tank. Putyour firefight skills to the test with the ability to realistically move fromcover to cover, peek around corners and dodge bullets. Fast,easy and accurate teleport system and free movement available in the gameCompatible with HTC ViveVR,PSVR

Game Modes - Multiplayer

  • PVE/Co-op : Players unite against the enemy. Players must defeat multiple levels / waves of enemies and defeat the powerful BOSS. Mutual cooperation is the key to success
  • Team sports:  Two teams face off against each other, teams must eliminate as many of the opposing team as possible
  • Single/Free-to-All: Every man for himself (or woman), players must eliminate all other players, most kills wins
  • Occupy/Conquest:Each map has 3 fixed control points, teams must fight to occupy and defend the majority of controls points, for as long as possible
  • Deathmatch:Different from Team sports in that players will spawn in random places away from their teammates. You could spawn close the enemy team so best to try to find your teammates ASAP
  • Cart/Escort:With emphasis on teamwork, attackers must escort a chariot through the level to a designated finish point, while defenders must try to stop them  
  • Bomb:The attackers need to place the C4 on the specified area and the defenders would have to stop them before the bomb explodes! One life per player only!


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