YAPP: Yet Another Puzzle Platformer

YAPP: Yet Another Puzzle Platformer

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Platforms: Windows

The title explains it all.

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  • 独特的核心机制
  • 有挑战性的谜题


VVVVV's artwork, Aniti-chamber's difficulty, and Witness's storyline. Everything I don't want is put together. - My Classmate

Got stuck at level selector. 6.5/10, would like to be stuck again. - A playtester

You must publish it on steam. Can't wait to see others suffering. - Another Playtester


You found yourself in a weird place.

This place leads to six different worlds. Each consists of seven puzzles and a locked castle.

A notice board says the castle will be unlocked if you solve all seven puzzles in its world.

What's in the castle?


Press Z to jump. Press X to summon a ghost at your position. Press C to teleport to your ghost.

It doesn't seem to be complex, but it can solve the puzzles in many different ways: Use your ghost to hold down a button.  Move through a distance to run away from chasers or go across falling barrier. Jump and summon to "throw" your ghost, then jump and teleport to "double jump". You can't touch your ghost, but both of them collides with a box, this means you can put a box on your ghost, then yourself on the box. And more.

Game Length:

The developer needs 40 minutes to clear the game. (He knew all the solutions)

The fastest playtester takes 1 hour and 40 minutes, average is 3 hours.

Design Idea:

The idea comes from a discuss on puzzle games with my friend.

In most puzzle games, player will learn the core mechanism in first few stages. In the late game, designer has to use bigger maps and longer steps to increase difficulty. Learning core mechanism and its usage is fun, but the long levels in late game are just duplication of effort. (For example, in Portal, the first few momentum levels are fantastic, while the late game is kind of a hunt for white walls. ps: I like Portal, Portal is great.)

The common solution is to introduce a new mechanism every few levels. (Braid and The Talos Principle did this)

But I'd like to do something different: a core mechanism with dozens of usages.


Player can solve the puzzles in any orders, and the worlds as well. (But the level selecter screen itself is a puzzle, you have to use tricks introduced by early worlds to get into late ones)

There are ten stars in the game.

The game system provides a Time Acceleration / Deceleration system, you can use it to reduce wait time or do micro-operation.

Release Date:

Just bought steam direct

Supposed to be released this year


  1. Fighter 13 2019-02-11

    I can't find it on steam. Is there any other way to get it?

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