Devil: The Ocean of Death

Release: 2018-01-05
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Platforms: Android

  • It is a choices game that your choices change the story . So the most important thing is that your choices change the story. There are special grafics, rich story, a lot character,

Game Information

This is a choices game(interactive story game) that have multiple endings and special digital art. In this game you make choices as a main character and change the story. It consist of 12 episodes and episodes get uploaded every week. 

- we added episode 5.




Hidden secrets are out of balance. The Earth and the Heavens got imperfect and once more,they are enemies. All the secret want to to revealed, so what will happen cannot be deferred. The sun is extinguished until the war ends and the moon lost its light. A great destruction has come to world.

Alçin was just an ordinary college student, but she unexpectedly found herself between life and death. Will she be able to survive extraordinary situations in this world of fire and water without knowing what destiny awaits her? Will the choices you make change her future?


- In real life there is no effect of your choices but you will have more practice going through
the decision making process.After all playing game isnt a bad influence
- Episodes let you live your stories.
- A mysterious world full of secrets.
- A fantastic interaction story about shamanism and Turkish mythology.
- The choices you make impact the characters' life and set ending of the interaction story game!
- There are mythological elements, cultural places and important historical characters.

* Every episode is on going and updated weekly .

*Updated episode 6.

Please dont hesitate and write your thoughts, if you do, i will be glad :)

NovaPress Reviews


The picture and people are great. The end of the game a lot, the plot is very rich, so the playability is extremely high. It's a potential game and it's fun





ilove game强烈推荐

The story of this game is wow.
You are not the same as a different route.
So you have a lot of fun to play. It's a lot of fun.
Hope to continue to update. Do more plot lines
I will support you
I strongly recommend you to play. When English is studied
希望继续更新。做更多的一些剧情 主线


It's a great game. Whether the screen or the people, both are great. It can be seen that the author has made a certain amount of effort in the game. The game has a lot of results, and the plot is very rich, so it is very playable. I hope everyone can try this game, and it won't let you down.
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