Guardian Aces

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Platforms: Windows / iOS / Android

  • pixel art
  • arcade style shoot’em up scroller
  • Customizable fighter craft, modify gears like weapon, engine, drones)
  • Customize your fighter squads,switch members in battle
  • gear dropping and manufacture
  • tech research:provide buff and improve combat efficiency
  • Full story line campaign (final product have more than 20 playable stages)
  • Roguelike mode
  • English language support

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After months of hard work, a playable demo is finally available, We provide the Android version, about 42M in size, welcome to play! Please leave your valuable comments. We are only a four men team at the moment, more test playing is important to us. Every feedback is appreciated, thank you!

Contents of current version:

——Chinese/English switch at title screen;

——4 types of player fighter crafts;

——5 playable stages;

——fighter crafts teaming and customizing;

——Tech research and  manufacture;

——Supply crates for test players,please visit “home base=>inventory=>container” in the game to access them.

Known issues (we’ll fix them ASAP ):

——tutorial not available;

——crafts and weapon needs further balancing;

——occasional frame rate drops(Mainly in the last Boss rush stage);

——certain enemy display error(texture missing);



Guardian Aces is an arcade style shoot’em up scroller.

We are a team of four people, all of us loved arcade and console STGs, and wish to recreate the exciting gameplay of the classic scroller shooter games. And we also wish to add more in-depth content, that’s why we put in a bunch of features like customizable fighter craft , fighter Squads system, tech upgrade and manufacture, and a rogue-like random challenge mechanism. We wish to improve long term gameplay experience of scroller shooter game. Our final goal is to build a scroller shooter game that is is worth spending hours exploring.


1.Game style:

——Pixel art,a tribute to classic arcade and game console games

——Recreate the high speed, fast paced gameplay of classic scroller shooter

2.Improvement of gameplay:

——Customize your fighter squads,switch members in battle

——Customizable fighter craft, modify gears like weapon, engine, drones. Different configurations can totally change the way you fight

3.In-depth content:

——gear dropping and manufacture:random loot drop and manufacture mechanism for both grinding-lovers and quick players

——tech research:provide buff and improve combat efficiency,different tech brings up different gameplay experience;

——Full story line campaign (final product have more than 20 playable stages)

——Rogue-like mode, randomly generated scroller shooter challenges