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ZLM Crafter

Platforms: Windows

  • Infinite Worlds
  • Cantonese/English VO
  • ZH/EN
  • HD Quality

Game Information


1. 有 BilibiliYouTube 頻道

2. 私信時 必須 提供你設備的基本配置,如:操作系統,CPU,運行内存,GPU,DirectX 版本

3. 至少有 5 次 或以上的評測案例

4. 會 保證發佈 至少 1 條游玩視頻


The giveaway before the game is released, keys conditions:
1. Have a Bilibili or YouTube channel.
2. You MUST provide the basic settings of your computer when sending a inbox, such as: OS, CPU, RAM, GPU, DirectX version.
3. There are at least 5 or more review cases for your profile.

4. Guarantee to publish at least 1 gameplay video




What is the world made of? Particles, molecules or quarks? Or is it hovering between 0 and 1? No, it's like a Mobius ring. It's obvious that the positive and negative do not interact with each other, but they can connect with each other, but the hub is broken.

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You will need explore different worlds like space station or any others world(Timeline), with all the elements you find in these worlds, you will know the more secret with Tsz Ching LEE.


"XGAMER - AI Revolution" is a T-RPG plot-oriented single-player game with a super sci-fi theme. The game was developed in Hong Kong, so the traditional Chinese dubbing is Cantonese.

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In the game, you are a traveler, visiting different worlds with the help of Xenro Device and Xenro(The AI), and everyone experiences the main world differently. Visit the fixed timeline to unlock the character's skills, improve the character's health, and get more story pieces. Let you uncover the true veil of the parallel world.


Traveler, remember one thing: you feel like you are who you are, and you feel like you are real, when in reality you are probably just an NPC in someone else's world. But there is another truth that the person who controls your NPC in another world may also be played as an NPC by people in another world...

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Explore this endless world, because you will never find the end, and your journey will have no answers... In other words, when you really touch the boundary, you may have found the true meaning of the world.


The game adopts a non-confrontational survival game. Although the player can be reborn infinitely, they will only be reborn to the starting point, and most of the stories are under the mountain (the main world), which is safer on the mountain. The main world has no game boundaries at all, which means that you can't touch the invisible wall even if you break your leg.

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Xenro Device is a selector with the game story, you can select the story you want once you complete the story at least one time.

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《XGAMER 元代碼》是一款超科幻題材第三人稱的 RPG 劇情向單機遊戲,背景设置在宇宙的平行世界,在游戏中,你可以在空间站和时间线中来回穿梭,通过访问各种时间线来提升角色的属性:血量,技能等等。游戏是生存游戏,可以自由选择章节,对未来太空题材感兴趣的可以玩玩,游戏总体配置较高,还是很不错的