Kaku Ancient Seal

Kaku Ancient Seal

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Platforms: Windows / PS4 / XBOX ONE

Kaku Ancient Seal is a semi-open world ARPG game, the core of which is fighting and solving puzzles. Players and Pets learn new skills, acquire divine power and equipment in the process of exploration, and eventually eliminate the dark forces and become heroes to save the world.

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  • Embark on an ancient fantasy journey and uncover the secrets of creating the world.


"Kaku Ancient Seal" is a cartoon ARPG game with ancient themes. Players play a primitive man named Kaku in the game. They explore the open ancient world together with pet, search for lost temples scattered in the world, acquire the power of ancient elements, unlock the truth of creation, and ultimately eliminate evil forces to save the world!

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Steam Friend Code:1025292833
Twitter/reddit @KakuAncientSeal

Game Features

※High degree of freedom:open ancient world, exposure to different styles of fantasy adventure;

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※Tactical combination: three different types of weapons, combined with a variety of fighting methods, to obtain different fighting fun;

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※Puzzle solving: cleverly use the power of elements and pet skills to solve puzzles and challenge players' thinking ability.

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